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Status of World Championship players


- YellOwStaR, Xpecial, Reginald, Dyrus and TheOddOne are the only players that have qualified for all 3 World Championships.

- YellOwStaR has qualified for the World Championship for all seasons under different teams every time.

- After unsuccessful Season 3 such players as Misaya, XiaoXiao, Lillballz, Chauster, CloudTemplar, RapidStar, Woong retired.

- Only 5 players from all World Championships after retirement started to coaching, 4 of them are from 1st gen NA teams: Reginald, Elementz, Saintvicious, Dan Dinh. Stanley is the only player not from NA that became a coach.

- After unsuccessful Season 3 Gambit decided to back to the Season 2 line-up with Edward instead of Voidle.

- Fnatic has in their composition all of four pro level players from the 1st and 2nd place at the Season 1 World Championship (Peke/Cyanide from Fnatic and sOAZ/YellOwStaR from aAa).

- SK is the only team from S2 that totally split-up (3/5 not in the same team). Azubu Frost and TPA are the only team that have more retired players than active.

- LD and Royal are the only teams that made more than 2 line-up changes after S3 World Championship.

- 8 out of 14 supports from S3WC changed team/gaming/descended to the bench, poor supports :(

- M5 and are the only teams from S2WC that have all of the players active in the highest possible league in their continent.

- Linak is the only player from all World Championship that is globally banned by RIOT for being toxic.

- aAa is the only teams that had players involved in fight. Kujaa clashed with Linak at WCG 2011.

- GoDlike, Edward and Dexter were the only players that changed their region (all to North America). Edward came back to Europe for Season 4. After Season 3 EG transfered to North America and gave up their EU LCS spot to Alliance.




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